Thursday, October 4, 2012

Serious Sam 1 The First Encounter Free Download PC Game Full Version

Serious Sam The First Encounter It's a great looking, fun filled game that has plenty of visceral thrills and absolutely, positively the biggest battles in any shooter to date.
You'd be hard-pressed to come up with a game that's anywhere near as intense as Serious Sam, from Croatian developer Croteam. It's an extremely fast-paced first-person shooter, featuring a great variety of weapons and monsters. It's got a good sense of humor and a distinct style, and it also boasts a very impressive 3D engine that's especially noteworthy for its ability to display a huge number of 3D characters onscreen simultaneously. Actually, the sheer numbers of foes you'll face is probably the single most remarkable thing about Serious Sam. Then again, the game has a lot of other great qualities, such as its excellent multiplayer mode, its good sound effects, and even its low retail price.  It's undoubtedly a simple game at heart--but Serious Sam does an excellent job with all the core gameplay elements that are essential to any action game.
Enemies swarm from all directions...
One look at the box it features Sam wielding a gigantic chaingun against a horde of monsters and you'll get a pretty good idea of what the game's all about. There's some context to why the game is set around the ancient pyramids in Egypt, why Sam's facing an alien menace all by himself, and why his enemies can teleport into the vicinity without any notice. But all this is only to loosely justify the nerve wracking action sequences in the game, as well as the consistency in the level design. The levels in Serious Sam are progressively more challenging, but most of them are very similar in their basic style. In this way, the game is reminiscent of countless classic arcade games Asteroids, Centipede, Galaxian, and so forth where the reward for successfully completing a stage was the opportunity to fight your way through something even more difficult. Indeed, much like in these older games, Serious Sam even tallies a score for you based on your kills. It's a rather risky approach ever since Valve's revolutionary Half-Life in 1998, most shooters have focused on trying to justify everything about themselves, in an attempt to give you some sort of reason for all the shooting that's happening. But Serious Sam is much more straightforward, like the '80s arcade classics but also like the classic '90s first person shooters Doom and Duke Nukem 3D. It completely succeeds in its simplicity, because the game looks great, the controls are very responsive, and the monsters are a real challenge to fight.
Serious Sam plays much like any other recent shooter, but faster. Most players will find that the default keyboard controls for movement and mouse controls for shooting and aiming are ideal. Even the weakest enemies in the game shoot fast, so you'll immediately find that quick reflexes are necessary to survive in Serious Sam. Fortunately, all of Sam's weapons are very direct--each new one you find seems bigger and stronger than the last--and you need never worry about manually reloading them, using alternate modes of fire, or anything of the sort. There's no time for these things, since you're almost always busy fending off hordes of quick, deadly monsters. Some of these will fire at you from a distance, while many will simply rush towards you. All are utterly relentless. The comical monsters in Serious Sam stand in stark contrast to the beautiful if sparse Egyptian settings in the game. Still, many of the different monsters in Serious Sam are a pleasure to battle again and again. They lunge at you so ferociously that, every time you manage to dodge them, it's a near miss.

Processor= 733MHz
RAM= 256MB
Graphics= 32MB

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